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It has been said that to become an expert in a given field you need 10,000 hours of experience. Our resources have a minimum of 50,000 hours of CFO experience! We have “been there – done that” many times over with most finance, operational and leadership challenges. Put our 50,000+ hours of experience to work for you!

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At Wentworth Financial Partners, we believe in becoming trusted, strategic business partners with our clients. This holistic CFO partnership is not limited by specific functions, but instead encompasses a multi-faceted approach to help your business reach its goals by effectively utilizing all of our expertise. Whether it be:

  • a financial function, such as revenue growth or profitable pricing analysis.
  • an operational function, such as improved efficiency or production integration.
  • a leadership function, such as handling business functions to free up the owner’s time or cultivating a visionary company focus.
  • a marketing function, such as effective online marketing or higher market penetration.
  • a human resource function, such as impactful performance management or incentive plan implementation.
  • a strategic function, such as expansion/divestiture considerations or succession planning.

We are here to partner with you to provide the leadership and guidance necessary to take your company to new heights!


Here is a sampling of results we have produced with other clients:

  • Led a company that had been unprofitable for 8 consecutive years back to sustainable profitability in just 90 days
  • Drove efficiency improvements to reduce production lead times by 79% in only 100 days
  • Launched and led a project to reduce governmental expenses by $29 million
  • Increased profitability and operating efficiencies:
    • Improved production per FTE by 152%
    • Improved production to cost ratio by 134%
    • Exceeded annual production goal by 117%
  • Helped improve fund performance by 16% leading to an 11% increase in managed assets
  • Developed financial modeling to more accurately project asset valuations and portfolio acquisition bids
  • Initiated an asset review project that led to $10 million in expense savings
  • Led company to a 21% lower cost structure while increasing business investment
  • Implemented strategies to drive 82% improvement in financial forecasting accuracy providing better information for strategic expansion decisions
  • Developed a product profitability tool to drive profitable growth
  • Spearheaded cost reduction efforts resulting in $970 thousand in annual expense savings
  • Created a technology solution for at-risk accounts to significantly reduce losses
  • Implemented a profitability program to improve performance of lagging sites
  • Drove revenue growth by developing new cross-sell opportunities
  • Led company to a 16% cost structure reduction while improving service levels 8%

Expertise + Partnership = Results

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